Search engine optimization

Unlike generating traffic through Google AdWords, organic search traffic cannot be bought. You have to earn organic search traffic.

More visitors to your website with SEO

More visitors to your website with search engine optimization (SEO); it is the cherished dream of every website owner. By optimizing your website for search engines in terms of content, technology and offsite ranking factors, we ensure higher positions in Google and therefore more traffic to your website and more leads.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization, also known as search engine optimization (SEO), is used to make websites rank higher within Google’s organic (unpaid) search results.

By optimizing your website, the findability of your website is increased in search engines.

Search engine optimization is a combination of content optimization, link building and website technology optimization. This increases the relevance with important keywords and increases the authority of your website. This ensures that the Google algorithm assigns a higher quality score to your website. This higher quality score means that the positions of your website on important search themes will increase and this results in more relevant website visitors.


     We are going to beat your online competitors!

      More than 3 SEO specialists

      →Local, national and international

      →Optimization of websites and webshops

      →Structural updates by a permanent contact person

      →More than 10 years of experience

      →Online statistics and comprehensive quarterly reports

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Achieving organic top positions is hard work

We need not explain to you that more and more people search online through Google for products they want to buy and services they want to buy. You were probably looking for an online marketing agency in the Netherlands that offers search engine optimization (SEO) services and you found us via a top position in Google for a relevant search term. If you want to sell products or services on the internet, it is important that you get a top position in Google search results.

What our search engine specialists are good at

The competition for the best spot in the organic search results is fierce. Fortunately, this is a battle that our SEO specialists are only happy to face.


Distinctively sharp

SEO analyzes

The perfect SEO strategy starts with thorough analyzes. From our database of hundreds of customers, we analyze and research the search engine behavior of tens of thousands of different search themes and websites every week. We collect all this knowledge in a SEOScan with which we analyze all our customers. Based on this analysis, a concrete action plan is drawn up with which we can maximize the online presence of your website.

Optimization of technology, content and link profile

Thanks to our specialized SEO departments, we can fully optimize your website in terms of technology, content and link profile. By means of technical optimization and content optimization, we lay the foundation with your website in order to rank on the most important search themes. Through social media, blogging and strengthening the link profile of your website, we increase the online visibility of your website for visitors and Google.

The perfect long-term online strategy

Choosing search engine optimization at Webdesignick means choosing a sustainable and long-term strategy. We do not believe in fast SEO tricks that produce temporary fast results in an unnatural way. With Webdesignick SEO strategy, you are assured of the best long lasting SEO results without risking getting a penalty from Google. SEO is a continuous process and the SEO result, we achieve with your website will really help your company online.

Why your website needs search engine optimization

Google’s algorithm rates your website on more than 200 factors. Based on these ranking factors, Google ranks your website within the search results. Whatever product or service you want to sell through your website, you need search engine optimization to achieve optimal results online. Our SEO specialists optimize local, national and international keywords. We do not believe in standardized SEO and link building packages. In order to be successful in search engine optimization, you must always stay ahead and knowledge is crucial to outsmart competitors. When you do search engine optimization but don’t know exactly what you are doing, chances are you are doing more damage than it is doing right. You need to know what Google’s rules are and how to convert these rules into a concrete search engine optimization process.

SEO content

Our Content Department is responsible for writing, drafting and structuring distinctive and conversion-enhancing SEO content. We do not write texts for Google, but for the actual visitor of your website, in which we subtly process the accents that are important to Google.


Link building

The Link Building Department ensures that your website naturally builds a stronger domain authority than the competition. By placing links on domains that are relevant to your website, we generate more online mentions to your website. This is a signal to Google that your website is worth visiting.

Technical SEO

The foundation for ranking on the desired search themes is carefully set up by the SEO Technology Department. This team of specialists is obsessed with the perfect website architecture, clean source codes and everything that ensures that Google can read your website flawlessly and no value is lost.

Conversion optimization

Although conversion optimization is not directly linked to SEO, we think it is important to look a step further. Higher positions and more traffic are only means to ultimately achieve more conversions for our customers. That is why it is nice to know that we have conversion specialists in our team who can advise that it is better to place that call to action in a different place and in a different form.

  Higher CTR thanks to Google stars

  Google search results can be provided with Google stars. These ‘rich snippets’        enrich your search results and help to make your website stand out.

  Google stars in search results of your website can cause more clicks to your            website and thus indirectly contribute to a higher conversion. Check out the            possibilities on the Google star page.

What can I expect when I start with search engine optimization?

When the proposed optimization strategy has been agreed with you, one of our SEO specialists will contact you after making the first analyzes. We will then optimize your website both on-site and off-site.

Onsite means that we analyze and optimize the website for legibility and technical structure. The off-site activities will mainly relate to making your website more popular on the internet through link building, blogging and social media.

During the search engine optimization you will be kept structurally informed of the activities performed, the planning and the results achieved.

Receive a free SEO proposal

One of our online marketing consultants investigates which search themes are important for your    website and company. This involves looking at the offered product or service package, the competition on the internet and the search volumes of the various search themes.

Based on this information, a suitable proposal is made with which your website will ultimately be easier to find in the Google search results. At the end of each quarter you will also receive a complete report with an overview of all work performed, the results achieved and the objectives and SEO strategy for the coming quarter.